“2nd Century Modernism Exhibition” opens in Venice

4postcardsNext week sees the opening of our exhibition at Palazzo Mora in Venice organized by the Global Art Affairs (GAA) Foundation. The overall theme of the exhibits hosted by GAA is “Space – Time – Existence”.

We are interested in better understanding the challenging architectural environment that exists today and to do this against what is increasingly considered the mixed legacy of Modernism. We are of course no longer Modernists in the way Twentieth Century architects may have perceived themselves. Plurality is inherent to our condition especially with ideas, expertise and images traveling around the world faster than ever thanks to our nearly endless new communication networks.

Yet classification is an inherent part of how we make sense of our world. If we are no longer Modernists what are we?  Architecture manifests itself in a particular Form, embodying a Concept, engaging specific Technologies, producing in the user an Emotion largely determined by Cultural circumstances, ages, and latitudes.  Over time, these five factors have altered their level of significance in the design community. Concept and Technology loom large today while emotional meaning and culture are on the back foot. This in many ways illustrates our current condition of alienation in relation to the public and their lack of affection for Modernism.

Our exhibition analyses how we have got here. What has changed over time?  How once heroic ideals of a “less is more” ethos or “form follows function” one have become just a way to cost cut. Recent plays on these words like “less is less” and “form follows finance” are indicative of this abuse of Modernist reductivist principles.

Yet we like to believe that the future has something different in store for us, so we have coined the notion of 2nd Century Modernism.  We like to think of it as representing a feast of architecture: abundant; diverse; inclusive; vibrant.  We hope that our exhibition in Venice will be a place to reflect how by understanding the recent past we can move towards a better future for architecture. One that is engaging for all and allows for a wider interpretation of how architects can contribute to society.  In this vein the exhibition is about seeking a balance between the linear, logical, verbal thought processes with the three-dimensional, intuitive, visual and creative processes.  We very much hope you have a chance to see our work at Palazzo Mora.

Form4 Architecture’s exhibition on 2nd Century Modernism will coincide with this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale and be open from 26 May to 25 November 2018.

Palazzo Mora, Strada Nova, 3659, 30121 Venezia http://www.palazzomora.org

For more see: 2ndcenturymodernism.com

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